Technical Project Management

Technical project management is “project management for grown-ups”. Industrial companies are increasingly faced with new performance requirements that have to be met even more rapidly and effectively. We no longer find classic project management methods to be enough. Project proposals always have to be considered in a business context, and will always require new methods and approaches, due to the diverse problems they pose. This variety comes not only from the project type – be it investment, R&D, or a client project – but also from the very content of the project itself and the business conditions.

Alongside a comprehensive understanding, a very specific toolbox of methods is required to achieve results that genuinely fulfil the expectations of the business. Agility, Fast Track, lean management, sustainability and risk prevention are just a few of the factors that will form the focus of future planning and implementation of projects. The challenge here is to design solutions that are more sustainable and secure; create engineering processes that are more agile; further streamline construction and entry into service; and deliver customer projects in an even more timely fashion.

To this end we work with our customers to build future-oriented project management systems, and assist them in their specific project proposals. We attend to the relevant business circumstances at the level of both the project management system and the individual project. This allows us to choose the most appropriate approaches and tools, based not only on “best practices”, but also of course on our experience in implementing projects worth a total of €15 billion.

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