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We work with our industrial clients on their complex challenges and innovations because we integrate sales, project and production competence.

Our expertise and consulting services

Our know-how and our experience prove that SALES, PROJECTS, PRODUCTION and PROCUREMENT are the key elements of the value chain; they are the fields of expertise in industry practice. Our methods and approaches reflect ‘best practices’ and support us and our clients in planning and realising their business objectives.

Sales and Business Development

Our sales-approach and our services 

Industrial Project Management

The difference we can make

Ein Blick auf das Zusammenspiel unserer Expertise und Services im Industriealltag

With our setup we can help solve the most complex challenges in innovation, capital investment and business development projects. In the past 10 years we handled a volume of more than €15 billion with our clients.

Our range of services includes Consulting, Management on Time, and training and coaching of individuals and teams. We also act as trainers especially in the area of Industrial (Technical) Project Management and in the field of Sales and Business Development.

ACG Industry Modell

ACG Industry Modell: From an aesthetic of form to business success

As we know from analogies and bionics in innovation management, we can solve many business and organisational challenges by observing and understanding nature. 

Here we present our Industrial Modell

The wheel of production

"When the wind of Change rises some build walls and some build windmills. Old Chinese Proverb 

How can continuous improvement be achieved when increased demands are constantly made on daily business? How can production remain stable under increasing pressure to innovate? This means that we consider it our task to support companies in facing these two central themes. 

Production managers constantly have to answer two questions in particular.



What matters to us

We believe in Europe as a place for industry, which is why we understand that business creation and optimisation are the key issues for the future development of industrial businesses in our economic area.

Integrated Business Development

One of the central – and in many cases critical – foundations for the long-term futureproofing of industrial companies is finding new and innovative ways to add value. 

What we can add

Agile Optimisation

In industrial operations, optimisation means maintaining the value stream. The principal challenge is how to implement measures while continuing to operate.

What we can add

Typical examples for our impact

Business Development and Product Development

Business Development and Product Development

Conception and assistance in implementing an integration process in a new business field

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Production Optimisation

Production Opimisation

Consulting and assistance for a leading company in the woodworking industry in optimising its production for premium quality.

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Project Framing for Investments

Project Framing for Investments

Consulting and assistance in conceiving and initialising a major investment project in the field of production of raw materials.

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Programme Design and Technology Implementation

Programme Design and Technology Implementation

Managing the planning phase of a facility construction project with a total investment value of approximately €150 million

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Meet the people

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Industrial Practice core team.

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Our task is to ask the right questions, to find the best answers, and to deliver results that matter.

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