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We develop interactive learning journeys and formats to support and enrich leadership, organisation and culture development.

What matters to us

After five years of experience we know that learning in digital spaces can be as effective as learning together face-to-face.

Unfolding digital potential 

The leadership potential that blended learning allowed us to bring out confirmed that we could rethink development processes by combining digital and analogue spaces. We could never have achieved this with classical approaches. 

We carefully provide Micro Learning Journeys in the digital world to help to make a difference in the analogue world. 

We aim to balance theory and practice in order to develop personal mastery. To do this, we generate knowledge and skills that help learners  to envision a positive future that can be translated into reality and action today.

Why we combine digital and analogue learning spaces

Areas of Work

With our broad experience in the analogue world we create digital learning spaces that we deploy to create comprehensive learning architectures and to help develop organisations and their cultures.

Digital MicroLearningJourneys allow for vitalising learning architectures with which we can break new ground in the development of organisations and organisational culture. 

Micro Learning

The analogue world of real human contact, concrete collaboration and necessary conflicts is our resource for living, digital MicroLearningJourneys. They are straightforward, focused and personal. They each have their effect on the people taking them, whether those people are managers or key experts.

Our catalogue is currently made up of:

  • Co-Creating Vital Realities
  • Vital Use of Conflicts
  • How to Grasp Complexity: An Experimental Introduction to Systems Thinking 
  • Spread your Experience and Let it Grow: Mentoring Care Case



Blended Learning Architecture

In situations where collaboration and personal learning as part of the group are problematic for any reason, a blend of digital and analogue formats can provide an effective alternative.

We are passionate about deploying our learning architectures to link learning spaces and working spaces, thus opening up new space for vital development.

Blended Organisation and Culture Development 

Digital learning gives us the chance to develop vital organisations and cultures. With our Digital Moves, we seize this chance. We interweave processes in the analogue world with digital experiences, to stir up organisations. 

Good learning architecture is invisible...

... but it allows whatever is happening in that space to be the best learning experience possible.

We believe this holds true for collective learning processes, organisation development, and capacity building. 

Therefore, we strive for the best experience within the frame of digital space and aim to create inviting and inspiring learning journeys.