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Vital Organisation and Leadership Development. What we typically do.

With our THEVITALWORKS. approach we support organisations to enhance their vitality and agility. Together with our clients we co-create learning and development processes that strengthen the vital capacity of organisations.


DIRECTION: We help to work on the most important questions of the organisation and to find common answers that create a sense of coherence and enable the organisation to move forward.

ENCOUNTER: We work on the quality of human encounter and compassion to enable commitment and trust. 

COMMUNITY AND LEADERSHIP: We work on building communities and enable vital leadership as the key to developing and caring for these communities in the organisation.

SPACE: We work on structures, processes and frameworks that give enough stability and orientation, and at the same time allow enough autonomy so that the organisation remains vital.

TheVitalWorks. Approach

Vital strategy and implementation processes
that build on the strength of the organisation’s knowledge
rather than on the input of consultants.

Creating vital space
and enhancing the vitality 
of organisations, teams and individuals.

For us, it is all about being awake and aware, 
to be able to make vitalising moves 
in order to rebalance the field and, finally, to cultivate the new. 

We have fundamental expertise in

  • Organisation Development  
  • Learning and Transformation Process Design -  from small vital interventions like a retreat, up to the global implementation of new operating models
  • Development Programmes for Culture Guides 
  • Co-creation and mind-set work
  • Working with Management Teams and Project Teams
  • Coaching of Executives and Senior Experts
  • Design and delivery of international Leadership Development Programmes
  • Expert Development Programmes based on a lateral leadership approach
  • Consulting Development Programmes for in-house consultants and service providers


With our Digital Moves Practice we are able to deliver such programmes in a blended design combining digital interventions with face-to-face learning.

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